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Advance innovation and accelerate patient-centric outcomes

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Healthcare and drug development have recently been up-ended by a number of factors, most notably the ongoing pandemic, but also by an increasing focus on improved outcomes through value-based care. With this shift comes opportunities to improve patient centricity from initial development to final healthcare delivery, whether the aim is to develop personalized medicine or improve equitable access to care through telemedicine and virtual clinical trials.

Biopharma companies unable to pivot within this rapidly evolving environment are likely to be left behind. However, the complexity of the health markets and vast amount of data create challenges in deciding the best path forward. Clarivate is here to help you achieve success, based on our long history of high-value, connected data, analytics and insights products and services that support rapid, evidence-based decisions.

How we help

Our solutions help advance innovation and accelerate patient-centric outcomes.

Discovery, clinical and regulatory

Overcome the challenges of finding, integrating and analyzing the key information and free up your teams to focus on the critical decisions needed to get your products to market and patients faster.

Our single source of comprehensive, validated, curated, regularly updated data and analyses about the literature, biological pathways, pipeline, protocols, sites, patient populations and global regulatory requirements accelerates clinical trial planning and increases your chances of clinical success.

Portfolio strategy and business development

Our industry experts, data scientists and epidemiologists help pharma teams make sense of the vast amount of available epidemiological, real-world patient and market data to understand the global and localized markets, from a high-level overview to the most granular niche patient segments.

With access to insights on M&A activity, challenging pricing and purchasing conditions, drug pipeline and customer dynamics, our experts help you understand the disease population and competitive landscape of interest for more accurate forecasting and greater confidence in planning commercial investments.

Commercial and launch strategy

Strategically launch and position your product in the market for maximum patient benefit and transform your sales and account management strategies and skillsets in response to evolving customer dynamics and value drivers.

Our best-in-class data stack and robust methodologies provide insight into the constantly changing influences over care decisions, including clinical standards of care, system and payer affiliations, digital influence and more. When combined with our market expertise, your sales teams can effectively engage the right contacts and uncover sales opportunities not seen by other vendors.

Market access

Clarivate offers proprietary market access data sets aggregated to provide a comprehensive view of today’s healthcare ecosystem and offer invaluable insights from pre-launch through product maturity.

Simplify your analysis by leveraging our global, yet locally specialized market access solutions. Our single source of integrated, customizable healthcare data provides invaluable insights into the global markets you need to understand most.

Unlock hyper-local and hyper-targeted assessments of patient populations, markets and treatment influencers to set pricing and contract strategies, account segmentation and guide you through the evolving complexities of the global reimbursement markets.

Customer engagement

The increasing decentralization of healthcare has highlighted the need to meet patients where they are and equip physicians with the knowledge and tools they need to optimize patient care and treatment adherence.

Our team’s comprehensive understanding of the healthcare customer experience enables healthcare brands to connect with customers regardless of geographic location, demographic characteristics and level of digital proficiency.

Insights and information, backed by robust data

Our Research Intelligence Cloud makes it easier for you to collect, analyze and gain precise, actionable insights across the entire R&D lifecycle, meaning you can make critical decisions faster and with greater confidence.

  1. Access billions of data points from thousands of sources through a single source
  2. Inform better decision-making with predictive analytics and artificial intelligence
  3. Enhance communication and collaboration across your teams with easy-to-access enhanced data visualizations

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